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Christian r1000 - Junior

Designed for outdoor ball hockey, our R1000 features a thermo-plastic blade that is resistant to wear even on the most abrasive surfaces on road hockey surfaces

Player Blade + Size Chart

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Please follow these guidelines when purchasing forward sticks for youth

Blade Pattern


Product Name Christian r1000 
Shaft Details Multi-ply Baltic birch, ideal for both stickhandling and shooting
Blade Details The glass-filled polypropylene adds blade stiffness which translates to higher shot velocity. The blade also resists wear even on asphalt or concrete. Blades are fused to the shaft during the injection process, creating a virtually unbreakable joint
Other Details N/A
Sizes Available Senior (58"), Junior (54"), Youth (48")
Blade Patterns CH92
Curves Left, Right, Straight (Youth size only)
Flex N/A

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