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Christian AMP Composite

Turn up your game with the all-new Christian AMP composite stick, designed for long-lasting performance and playability

Player Blade + Size Chart

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Please follow these guidelines when purchasing forward sticks for youth

Hand + Blade Patter


Product Name Christian AMP 
Shaft & Blade Details
Full carbon construction offers durability, heightened feel and rapid response that a fibreglass hybrid can’t deliver. Aerospace-grade 12k carbon weave on the shaft and blade combines with a quick-release, low-kick profile for well-balanced handling and a lightning fast shot
Other Details
Classic square shaft geometry and grip finish amplify your connection to the stick for razor-sharp precision and control. Weighing in at 450g, the full carbon, low-kick AMP stick is built tough and speedy for the modern game
Sizes Available Senior
Blade Patterns
CH92, CH28
Left, Right 
Flex 75, 85, 95
450 grams

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